About The Ohio Eggfest

The Ohio Eggfest presented by Specialty Gas house

The Ohio Eggfest

Columbus’ own Specialty Gas House is proud to host The Ohio Eggfest.  

The purpose of this event? A family friendly gathering of “foodies,” coming together to celebrate the greatest charcoal-based invention in culinary history – The Big Green Egg! It is a celebration and cooking, grilling, barbecue competition where all the food is cooked on The Big Green Egg grill. It is also an opportunity for those who have been contemplating a Big Green Egg to sample food cooked on them and to learn more about how they work. In other words, the EggFest is a good excuse to get a bunch of people together to eat and make some great food. Big Green Egg aside, come for the smorgasbord of food as a vast array of cooks from various parts of the country compete for the coveted “People’s Choice Award,” and the professionally judged “Very Prestigious Award, Award!” 

The Ohio Eggfest Columbus, Ohio food festival

Buy a Big Green Egg

The Ohio Eggfest is also an opportunity to purchase a once-used (day of the event) Big Green Egg for a HUGE discount. The Big Green Egg comes with the nest and “ConvEGGtor” (plate setter), 20lb bag of charcoal, and Kick Ash Basket! 100% of the proceeds from your purchase will go straight to cancer research! You can pre-purchase these eggs at the link below. 

Fundraiser for Cancer Research

What is better than sharing recipes and food, spreading the culture of culinary cuisine and offering our children a day of fun activities? Doing so for the advancement of cancer research and giving back to the future of the community that was so gracious as to host our event!

100% of the proceeds from every ticket purchase, every egg sold, every personal and corporate donation, and proceeds generated otherwise through this event will benefit the OSUCCC – The James Cancer Hospital. Who knew that a day of BBQ, fun, and friends could do so much good!