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The Ohio Eggfest – Cooking Competition

Hello Eggheads,

Thank you for your interest in cooking in the 2023 “The” Ohio Eggfest! The Ohio eggfest is a celebration and cooking competition where everything is cooked on The Big Green Egg. The 2023 Ohio Eggfest will be located at Fortress Obetz in Obetz, Ohio on July 29th, 2022. Registration is open to everyone, with or without culinary experience and the entry fee is FREE. Teams are limited to 4 people.

The Big Green Egg’s will be provided along with Big Green Egg charcoal and a convEGGtor (platesetter). Teams will have about a 10×10 space, and a table will be provided. Teams are able to put any promotional material up if they would like.

There are no rules to what you can cook (get creative!). Whatever you decide to cook will need to be finished on The Big Green Egg. Teams will be responsible for .5 to 1 oz samples for attendees. If you have questions, please visit our FAQ page here>>

Charitable Donation
On the day of the event, if you provide us with dated receipts for all of the food and supplies you bought for the event, we will hand you a signed form with the total of the receipts, stating you made a charitable contribution, which will be tax deductible under Internal Revenue Code regulations.

Cooks will be competing to win the “People’s Choice” award, as well as a professionally (but silently) judged award we have dubbed The Prestigious Award, Award – sought by many, acquired by only the finest of the few. The silently judged award winner will win a $1,000 Gift Card to Specialty Gas House. The People’s Choice award winner will win a Large Big Green Egg package. There will also be a mystery meat challenge if you would like to compete in it, we will provide the meat for that challenge on the day of the event.

Date: July 29th, 2023
Location: The Fortress Obetz.


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