Registered Teams

2020 The Ohio Eggfest – Registered Cook Teams

Tyrone Mcwilliams
Buckeye Smoke
Drew Patterson
Tim Zink
Frank Rivelle
Kevin Stiverson
Multi talented team (think avengers or food and grilling) we will bring a new level of grilling expectations to the contest this year and it won’t be the same ever again. In other words ppl will weep tears of joy when they eat our food.
Eric Allen
Brock kaltenbach
Victor calm
Don Abrams’
We chew bubble gum and smoke meats... we are all out of bubble gum.
Tim Nelson
AJ Groeber
Colin McBride
Bob Nelson
Amateur group that will make any excuse to cook/eat good food and enjoy with a couple cold ones.
Mark Tesmer
Casey Tesmer
Michael Tesmer
Liberty Township
Belly Rubbers - Last years winner of the Mystery Meat competition with Matt Delong as our Team Lead! Four year Green Egg Veterans, 2nd year at the Ohio Egg Fest and 3rd year BGE nationwide competitors. This years Belly Rubbers will be lead by Mark Tesmer and his sons with others in the galleys!
My name is Evie Conyers but everybody calls me Evie. I'm from Norway.
I'm studying at the high school (3rd year) and I play the Dobro for 7 years. Usually I choose music from the famous films :D.
I have two sister. I like Baseball, watching movies and Conlanging.
Cleveland Johnson
Shiva Ravi
Kris Weissman
Garrick Ackart
Team MANBQUE #2...second verse, same as the first!
Ed Kowalski
Jesse Valenciana
Fred Talbert
Team MANBQUE #1...just a bunch of dudes who love to grill meat, drink beer, and listen to rock & roll (and who are pretty darned good at all three)!
Kenney Bertz
Wayne Speer
Dave Speer
Brad Welsh
Team Buns & Guns BBQ.

2018 First Prize Winner with Best Pork at Grill on the Hill Eggfest in Gaylord, MI. 2019 Best Brisket Winner at Grill on the Hill Eggfest Gaylord, MI
Kevin Ruperti - Local Luaus
Chris Valentine
Martin Neff
Local Luaus specializes in on-site pig roasts and regional BBQ. We bring the luau to you no matter what your request.
Zachary Wickert
AJ Sweress
Samantha Wickert
Kati Clarke
Cuyahoga Falls
Good friends that cook together on a weekly basis. We have been using a BGE for 10+ years. This would be our first time competing together.
Dylan McGuuffey
Kyle Livingston
Mike Smith
Kim Tobias
Meat, grills and pinball.
Jeff Abeson
Nick Terse
Kevin Wolfer
Brian Abbott
Silent judge winners 2019....but really just backyard guys having fun.
Nate Cantu
Craig Siebeneck
JT Bissell
Can2 BBQ is a backyard BBQ Enthusiast, Caterer and Social Media Influencer. I've been lucky enough to partner with some great companies such as Spiceology, Grill Pinz, Duck Fat Spray, Pork Panko, Crowd Cow and Jealous Devil Charcoal.

Jay Vollmer
Tommy Fleming
Matt Smyth
Ryan Smyth
Team @Carnivorous_Bastards is a group of 4 lifelong friends, fathers and BBQ enthusiasts who love to share our cooks through instagram.
Peter MacKenzie
HFC Team Green supports the mission of Honor Flight Columbus:

To take America’s senior Veterans to Washington DC to visit the nation’s memorials. To help them share their stories. To celebrate and affirm their service and homecoming.

So of course we know backyard barbecue.
Eric George
Rob Rehm
Nate Rehm
John Moore
Toby Boyce
This will be our second year. We learned a lot last year And have already determined a few things we will not be doing this time.Look for the Hannibal Lechter Glee Club. And bring beer. Cold beer. We might even share what our secret ingredients are.
Team Lang Stone Andy Mendel
Larry First
Bob Hoffman
David Lacki
We are proud to return for our 5th year of competition . We are excited to come back to see old friends , make new friends and support the James.
Kenneth Maldonado
Katerina Maldonado
New Yorkers cooking Que
Mike Langston
Tiffany Langston
Shaun Thomas
Anna Langston
Mount Vernon
Third times a CHARM!!! Cook team from Lazy Langstons BARn Grill in Mount Vernon Ohio!!!
Jared Arick
Andy Keller
Jon Schilling
Gabe Springer
Amatuer backyard bbq enthusiasts. Entered last year's competition and made top 5 overall, and top 3 mystery meat.

Can't wait for such a great event again.
Taylor Rex
Jacob Bray
Brian Rizzo
Mike Miely
Salt, Pepper, Smoke.
Rich Bayhurst
Polish Que
Jack Storey
Diane Sharp
Casey McCarty
Jeff Kordel
Tyler Davis
Bob Dyer
DJ Deleo
Just a few knock-arounds who own a jam van together. Sometimes the music lasts longer than the smoke.