Registered Teams

Kyle Lewis
Bobbi Cline
Dennis Guess
Greg Smigelsky
Buckeye Cruise Team.
Jake Guthrie
Phil Terry
Rick Finnerdy
Zac Guthrie
Just a couple Joes acting like pros.
Christina August
Nikki Hogarth
Ryan Hogarth
Ken August
Candace Frank
Jay Frank
Eric Buck
Richard Troxell
Andy Grote
First time competitors, long time lovers of smoked and grilled foods! We're bringing some fun and unique dishes that we love and hope the folks at the Eggfest will too!
Dan Brooks
Chad Davis
Catering pit guys with a tropical BBQ attitude.
Gibbs Famous Ribbs & BBQ
Byron Gibbs
Basil Gibbs
The Gibbs brothers have been barbecuing 4-over 30 years they have been tasting food between the both of them they have over 100 years of food tasting services. Byron and basil Gibbs have some of the greatest taste buds in the universe if it tastes good to them it will taste good to 90% of people. The other 10% percentage of people just have no taste. So therefore 100% of people who have good taste like and love our food. We cook for the pleasing of the pallet of the people. So we are Gibbs Famous Ribs with two B's . That's right with us you get 2 B’s and with everybody else you just get the BS. So come taste and see hey hey!!!
Jacob Kuchan
Duk Blakaj
Sameek Roychowdhury
Drew Patterson
Jacob Kuchan and Drew Patterson are two culinarians employeed at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, while Duk Blakaj and Sameek Roychowdhury are among the many incredibly talented medical professionals at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center
Jeremy jordan
Andy Brickler
West Chester
Eric George
Dan Claussen
Emily George
Jacob Shepherd
Jeff Covert
Golf, smoke and pork... not necessarily in that order.
Felix Spittler
Christopher "Crit" Simmons
Andrew Santurello
Mary "The MAK" Spittler
Aaron Frank
Adam Culbertson
Ed Kowalski
ManBQue. Second verse, same as the first, a little bit louder...
Cleveland Johnson
Garrick Ackart
Shiva Ravi
Peter Martin
ManBQue. Life should always include meat, beer and Rock & Roll.
Jeff Aufdencamp
Kohl Aufdencamp
Mia Stone
We are Mama Mimi's TakeNBake Pizza team. We will be cooking an assortment of our pizzas We are all in a comitted cooking relationship with The Big Green egg. So let's all have some fun and eat some great food.
The deeds
Brian deeds
Taylor deeds
Derek deeds
Professional egg cookers
Sean Stauffer
Jennifer Stauffer
Tyler Ellis
Brad Rocco
Ben Hayes
Pizza chefs at Bexley Pizza Plus. We are also BBQ Pitmasters & Eggheads
Tim Nye
Pam Gaulin
We have cooked in the event the last two years...tons of fun and great cause! We will be doing pizza again this year!
Eric Trautwein
Andrew Hesselbein
Russ Winniestaffer
Heidi Trautwein
We are good friends who love to BBQ and this will be our 3rd consecutive central Ohio Egg fest.
Stephanie May
Sydney Federer
Jason Freeman
Kelly Casto
Nickie caroon
Gabe Callis
Mount Perry
Country Thyme Catering & Market coming to you soon. OPENING summer of 2017. Nickie is a 2016 graduate of The Columbus Bradford Culinary School of Arts & owner of Country Thyme Catering & Market located in Perry County. Gabe Callis is the son of Nickie and attends Sheridan High School. He is considering a career as a Chef as well.
Al Franks
Andy Franks
Worthington, OH
Al and Andy are a father/son team that loves to grill. As a team, they were the Judges Favorite at the inaugural Eggfest in 2015.
Randy Walters
Ben Walters
Peter Walters
Prashant Malhotra
Upper Arlington
Winner of the People's Choice award at the First Ohio Big Green Egg Fest in 2015 and at Nutter Hardware's event in 2016. Need two extra large eggs but can get by with one XL and one large.
Andy Mendel
Larry First
Jerry Weissberg
Kyle Gerlach
Team Lang Stone returns after pulling off a People Choice award win in our first year. We are a team of amateur BBQ enthusiasts. We enjoy smoking meats and drinking good beer .
Tim Nelson
AJ Groeber
Colin McBride
Bob Nelson
Lewis Center