Registered Teams

2019 The Ohio Eggfest – Registered Cook Teams

Luc Nutter
Repping the BC4C, we have a team of backyard grill masters excited to make some great tasting food.
Justin Brown
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I understand you are full but we would like to be an alternative team. Central Ohio Bug Extermination is my company. I have a passion for grilling, rubs, and marinades. I own a large BGE and a small currently!
11. Richard Saxon
Richard donmoyer
Steve wolve
Daphne saxon
Lake milton
Our team is called 11.
We served on competitive teams starting with Dizzy pig in Atlanta Georgia.
We take bbq to 11 in everything we do.
This year our entry is Baa Baa Brisket.
Kevin Roark
Kevin Sorrell
Brian Mcmichal
Elijah purrington
Community lodge 684. Serving the community for nearly 100 years.
Nickie Caroon
Jay Livingston
Ellis or Steve
Rhonda Estell
The National Trail Raceway team has teamed up with A-Z Meats to bring you some slamming sliders. We don't only drag race, we cook too. We have developed our own burger spice and are prepared to blow you away. We won't be burning rubber during this event, just burning coal. So, put your brakes on, because we need you to stage in front of our Christmas Drag Racing Tree and try the amazingly delicious A-Z Sliders.
Charlie Payne
Kerissa Jenkins
Kris Ludwig
Nealia Ludwig
All four team members are heavily involved in the Central Ohio food scene, with Charlie and Kerissa owning Covey Rise Farms, where they produce pastured and natural meats that are featured in many of the top restaurants throughout the region along with being available directly to consumers through online, on farm, and farmers market sales. Kris and Nealia one Ludwigs Rubs, one of the regions newest and most exciting spice companies. Kris is no stranger to well executed cooking, as he is a graduate of the Johnson and Wales culinary school and currently serves as one of the Sous Chefs at Wolfs Ridge Brewing Company.
Eric WIlson
Lynda Wilson
Luke Wilson
Daniel Wilson
The Wilson's have cooked at all 7 Porkopolis Egg fests up until 2018. No such fest this year, so we are bringing the show to Columbus. We will exercise the full range on the Big Green Egg this year- we will bake, we will smoke, and we will grill!
Jay Vollmer
Tom Fleming
Matt Smyth
Greg Vollmer
Team @Carnivorous_Bastards is a group of brothers, cousins, and lifelong friends who love to BBQ and post our adventures for the world to see.
Stafford Lipscomb
Stacey Lipscomb
Tyelor Lipscomb
Marvin Ekpenyong
Matt DeLong
Allison DeLong
Mark Tesmer
Loveland, oh
It’s our first time cooking and are looking forward to it!
rob rehm
nate rehm
jarrod kapp
charlie payne
I grow specialty vegetables for restaraunts (redde hedde farms). Charlie (covey rise farms) raises pastured protiens. One is my favorite son who has experience assisting me in cook offs. The final member listed Is Carlas son ( she is the other half of the farm) .

team members are subject to change as they don't know they are part of this yet
Jake Guthrie
Phil Terry
Zac guthrie
Pete Oswalt
Just a bunch of backyard BBQrs that love to play with meat.
Justin Potts
Carrie Potts
Winfield, IL
Pasatiempo Barbecue is an amateur competition team based in Winfield, IL. With two Eggfests under our belt to date, we have taken best wings at Michigan's Grill on the Hill 2018 and best pork butt at Grill on the Hill 2019. To us, win or lose, it's all about meeting other teams and barbecue fanatics, and learning and sharing the experience together.
Kenney Bertz
Wayne Speer
Dave Speer
Brad Welsh
Deerfield Township (Cincinnati Suburb)
“Buns & Guns BBQ”
Small business bbq team established 2018. First Place Finish “Grill on the Hill Eggfest-Gaylord, MI” 2018
Catering upon request.

Check out our Instagram @buns_and_guns_bbq
Dan Dosmann
Paul Newkirk
Kurt Hoeft
Juan Morales
Upper Arlington
This is our favorite annual cooking event. Well, it is the only one we participate in. Love the crowd that this party draws. And we always try to introduce something fun and different into the mix. Previous years have included fish, homemade chorizo and tacos al pastor. Will try something new this year, can't wait to see what it is.
Stephanie May Beaumier
Kelly Casto
Sydney Federer
Adam Yofan
Kate McKenzie
Roger Zioncheck
Jennie Zioncheck
We are two couples who are passionate about cooking and entered our first Eggfest last year in Pittsburgh. Adam is so goofy he created a website to show his friends what he’s been smoking.
Tom Angeletti
Austin Snyder
Justin Jean
Maggie Keeran
We are a YouTube channel Called Hillgrillys BBQ. We are working towards getting a catering service started, so we would like to use opportunities like these to get our names out there to build our brand.
Rich Bayhurst
Polish Que
Jeff abeson
Kevin wolfer
Nick terse
Mark Drew
Scott Milburn
Bill Karl
Neal Meyers
The Marksmen Smokers have been putting out great 'cue for over three years. Just a bunch of great guys making great food.
Jared Arick
Andy Keller
Gabe Springer
Shane Carlson
Amatuer backyard BBQer's excited to take part in a great event.
Eric George
Dan Claussen
Emily George
Candace Frank
Jay Frank
Kara Knight
Team Frankenstein returning to dominate and have a good time! Five years competing now. Always a blast to compete with some amazing chefs around the area. Our favorite event of the year and always a great cause!
Greg Schweier
Teena Schweier
Bill Kist
Kellie Kist
Ship of Fools Bbq from Cincinnati Ohio. We are a close group of friends who enjoy traveling to other cities and states to raise money for charities by cooking in eggfests. We are the People's Choice winners for 2017 and 2018 at Cincinnati's eggfest, 2018 People's Choice winner at Shelbyville Ky eggfest. We look forward to meeting and talking with everyone possible at Columbus.
Brad Rocco
Ben Hayes
Rich Terapak
Tate Wilson
Bexley BBQ Club
Crescent Medley
Matt Howes
Jake Cuthbert
Jordan Bickham
Members of the yet to open Hertiage food truck
Terry Wozniak
Luke Furlong
James Hunt
Spring Valley
We've been grilling in Cincinnati for a few years at the
But, It's time to come back to Cbus and drop some bacon EXPLOSIONS!
Buzz Mihalich
Michael Tipton
Alex Hunter
Derek Krauser
We are four friends and coworkers that share a common passion for cooking great BBQ. We are excited to take advantage of our individual talents and smoking knowledge to cook up some award winning food. Our team also loves the charitable aspect of this event.
Ed Kowalski
Peter Martin
Shravan Kumar Eetha
Second verse, same as the first. ManBQue.
Cleveland Johnson
Shiva Ravi
Garrick Ackart
Meat, Beer, Rock and Roll.... ManBQue.
Nathan Smith
Brad Smith
Kyle Keegstra
Spencer Campbell
Lucky's Grille, the place for wings for the last 23 years! Offering a wide variety of menu items and we love putting some twists on our in-house smoked items. Come check us out!

Proud Sponsors of the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer - 2018 & 2019
Randy Walters
Ben Walters
Peter Walters
Prashant Malhotra
Team North Market Spices won the People's Choice Award in 2015 and is back competing again this year after taking a scheduling break in 2018. We make extensive use of spices and blends from Ben Walters' North Market Spices in the historic North Market. The spices we use aren't necessarily "hot", but their bold flavor and savory taste are always brought out best with dishes cooked on a Big Green Egg. We pride ourselves in being one of the first (if not the first) user of the Egg in Ohio dating back to the mid 1980s when we had one shipped from Florida.
Taylor Rex
Jacob Bray
Mike Miely
Drew Patterson
Tim zink
Frank Rivelle
The Zink Foodservice group team is comprised of an executive chef, restaurant owner and business visionary.
A couple of chefs that love food and feeding people! BBQ is our favorite part of this industry and We are coming to win!
Mike Langston
Tiffany Langston
Shaun Thomas
Anna Langston
Mount Vernon
Cook team hailing from Lazy Langstons BARn Grill outa Mount Vernon!!!! Year 2!!!
Andy Mendel
Larry First
Bob Hoffman
Jerry Weissberg
Team Lang Stone is excited to return for our 4th year of competing . We have spent months perfecting a couple of great recipes. We can't wait to get out there to compete and raise money for The James.